BIO1022 - 2018 Timetable of Topics

Schedule & Timetable of Topics - 2018

Week LecturesPractical
11Molecular Genetics: Transcription and TranslationInfo for commencing/transfer students
 2Molecular Genetics: Gene expression 
23Molecular Genetics: DNA replicationGenetics (Stream A)
 4DNA manipulation and introduction to genetic engineering 
35Nervous System: Signals and SynapsesGenetics (Stream B)
 6Nervous System: Systems and Senses 
47Muscular-skeletal systemToad Dissection (Stream A)
 8Animal behaviour 
59Homeostasis: metabolic regulationToad Dissection (Stream B)
 10Homeostasis: body temperature 
611Hormonal control and reproduction IMetabolism (Stream A)
 12Hormonal control and reproduction II 
713Animal development IMetabolism (Stream B)
 14Animal development II 
815Microbiology: bacterial structure and function IMicrobiology I (Stream A)
 16Microbiology: bacterial structure and function II 
917Microbiology: the virusesMicrobiology II (stream A)
 18Immune system response to pathogens I 
Semester Break: Monday Sept 24-Friday Sept 28
1019Immune system response to pathogens IIMicrobiology I (Stream B)
 20Nutrition and digestion I 
1121Nutrition and digestion IIMicrobiology II (Stream B)
 22Homeostasis: gas exchange 
1223Homeostasis: internal transportFeeding and Nutrition presentations
 24Homeostasis: salt and water balance

Lectures are held on Monday 9 a.m. (43 Rnf Walk/Sth1) repeated Monday 12 noon (Sth1), and Tuesday 1 p.m. (Sth1) repeated Wed 8 a.m. (Sth1).