BIO2040 Timetable of Topics 2018

WeekDateLecture No.LecturesLecturerPracticalStaff
126/071Introduction to conservation biologyDCCaptive Management Prac (Stream 1)DC
 27/072Extinction riskDC
202/083Captive management & re-introductionDCCaptive Management Prac (Stream 2)DC
 03/084Translocation & re-introductionDC
309/085Invasive species I: process & pathwaysDCConservation Forum- Introduction (Stream 1)ND
 10/086Invasive species II: impact, response & evolutionDC
416/087Threats to biodiversityCCConservation Forum- Introduction (Stream 2)ND
 17/088Climate changeCC
523/089Protected areas as toolsCCConservation Forum- debate & negotiations (Stream 1)ND
 24/0810Conservation on private landCC
630/0811Conservation legislationCCConservation Forum- debate & negotiations (Stream 2)ND
 31/0812Why conserve? What to conserve?PS
706/0913The human footprint and the last of the wildPSConservation Forum- presentations (Both Streams)ND
 07/0914Changes in distribution and abundance of wildlife under human impactsPS
813/0915Population and evolutionary biology of small populationsPSWaterbird Prac- Survey (Stream 1)ND
 14/0916Assessing evolutionary processes in conservation biologyPS
920/0917Wildlife forensics and genetics of individualsPSWaterbird Prac- Survey (Stream 2)ND
 21/0918How much habitat is enough? Population connectivity and fragmentationPS
MID-SEMESTER BREAK: Monday 24th Sept to Sun 30th Sept
1004/1019Inbreeding and inbreeding depressionPSWaterbird Prac- Data analysis (Stream 1)ND
 05/1020Genetic variation and extinctionPS
1111/1021What is OK to mix?PSWaterbird Prac- Data analysis (Stream 2)ND
 12/1022Reconnecting landscapes, genetic rescue and outbreeding depressionPS
1218/1023Sustainability and overexploitationPSNo Practical 
 19/1024Summary & examination preparationDC
Lectures: Thurs 12-1pm (S3), Fri 2-3pm (S7)
Practicals: Thursday 2-5pm (JMR Classroom G02A, 50 College Walk), Friday 10am-1pm (JMR Classroom G02A, 50 College Walk)
Lecturers: DC- David Chapple, PS- Paul Sunnucks, CC- Carly Cook
Practicals: DC- David Chapple, ND- Nick Deal