BIO2040 - Conservation Biology

General Unit Information

LHI skink (Oligosoma lichenigerum)LHI stick insect (Dryococelus australis)

Conservation Biology is a new, multidisciplinary science born of crisis: the unprecedented threat to biological diversity in modern times. This course has two basic goals.

First, it examines the magnitude and nature of the problem - human impacts, ranging from habitat destruction to introductions of exotic species - on genetic diversity, species, communities, and ecosystems.

Second, the course explores solutions, including both theoretical and practical approaches, to the protection and maintenance of biodiversity. These efforts range from maintaining genetic diversity to preventing species extinctions to restoring entire functioning ecosystems.


Students completing this subject will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the key environmental issues facing humankind and outline the role that humans play in environmental degradation and species extinction.
  2. Evaluate and compare the conservation techniques that can be used to restore habitats and ecosystem function.
  3. Appraise the special problems involved in attempting to conserve endangered species.
  4. Integrate complex political, economic and social issues to formulate effective conservation outcomes.

Specific Unit Information

NamesProf. Dave Chapple
Office location19 Rainforest Walk, Room 133
Office hoursBy appointment - please e-mail
Technical Coordinator
NamesWilliam Parker
Office location25 Rainforest Walk (Building 18), Room 114
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