BIO2011 - Ecology & Biodiversity

General Unit Information

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This unit is an introduction to ecology; the scientific study of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Ecology and biodiversity forms the foundation for understanding conservation and the management of genetics, species and ecosystem diversity. The approach taken is to address core ecological theory, but with an emphasis on contemporary management issues and applications. Topics include the scope and approaches of ecological enquiry; biotic and abiotic factors determining distributions; population growth and regulation; species interactions; patterns and maintenance of biodiversity; food web analysis; disturbance and succession; and production ecology and nutrient cycling. Particular emphasis is placed on integrating ecological processes across spatial and temporal scales. Laboratory work will be completed via field excursions together with in-laboratory sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the modern scope of scientific inquiry in the field of ecology;
  2. Describe the differences in the structure and function of different types of ecosystems;
  3. Identify and describe the fundamental drivers of patterns in diversity;
  4. Explain the main limitations on patterns of energy flow through natural food webs and ecosystems;
  5. Quantitatively describe patterns in populations and communities;
  6. Apply basic ecological sampling techniques in ecosystems and be proficient in summarising and reporting that data in the format of a scientific paper.

Specific Unit Information

Unit Coordinator
NameDr Rohan Clarke
Office location18Inn/233
Office hoursBy appointment - please email
Technical Coordinators
NameEmily Skoda
Office location25Rnf/114
Phone(03) 99055907
PrescribedEcology: Concepts and Applications, 9th ed (Sher & Molles 2022)
This textbook can be purchased in hardcopy or in an eBook format. Details will be provided in lectures.
RecommendedEssentials of Ecology, Townsend et al., Blackwell, 3rd edition/2008
Ecology: the experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance, Krebs, C.J. 6th edition/2009
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