Safety officers, wardens and safety committee

Officers, Wardens, Safety Committee
A/Prof Mike Grace Chair, Safety Committee
Deputy Head of School
Bldg 19/G25C, ext 54078
Georg Beilharz School Manager Bldg 19/133 ext 54310
Clint Woodward Sustainability Officer Bldg 86 ext 20832
Debra Bartolo OHS Consultant Bldg 25 ext 50222
Craig Forsyth School Safety Officer* Bldg 23/G48, ext 54588
Joshua Boyle Health and Safety Representative Bldg 86/219 ext 51395
Boujemma Moubaraki School Safety Officer*/Building Warden Bldg 23/G39A ext 54798
TBC VSCM Facility Manager/Bld.86 Warden Bldg 86/236 ext 59483
Finlay Shanks Laser Safety Officer Bldg 86/317 ext 51582
Karen Little Biosafety Officer Bldg 86/237 ext 51379
Sarah Williams First Aid Coordinator/Building Warden Bldg 19/127 ext 54593
Sarmi Munuganti Health and Wellbeing Officer