3 June 2019

Dr Alisdair McKay

Molecular Organometallic Chemistry in the Solid-State: A New Frontier

4 June 2019

Prof Chris Barner-Kowollik

Title: Controlling Macromolecular Reactivity with Different Colours of Light

10 June 2019

Dr Toni Grell

Title: Fascinating Coordination Chemistry of Phosphorus-rich Compounds

17 June 2019

Prof Peter Dedecker

Title: Manipulating photoblinking in red fluorescent proteins: localization microscopy with ordinary labels and longer tracks in single-particle tracking

24 June 2019

Prof Gernot Frenking

Title: Chemistry in Valence Space

27 June 2019

Prof Andrew Lawrence

Title: Biomimetic Total Synthesis of Brevianamide Alkaloids

16 July 2019

Professor Rowan Young

Title: New methods for selective functionalisation of aliphatic C-F bonds

29 July 2019

Associate Professor Kathryn Fairfull-Smith

Title: TBC

12 August 2019

Dr Julia Howit

Title: TBC

16 September 2019

Prof Guy Jameson

Title: TBC

23 September 2019

Prof Michelle Coote

Title: TBC

9 October 2019

Prof Eleanor Stride

Title: TBC

14 October 2019

Dr Sinead Keaveney

Title: TBC

21 October 2019

Prof Christian Hartinger

Title: TBC

28 October 2019

Dr Georgina Such

Title: TBC