3 February 2020

Professor Yifat Miller

Title: Molecular insights into the effect of metals and insulin on amyloid self-assembly.

4 February 2020

Dr Hannah Leese

Title: Engineering nanomaterials for biological applications

24 February 2020

Professor Berthold Kersting

Title: Luminescence Sensing of Alkali Metal Ions by Calixarene-based Lanthanide Schiff-Base Complexes

26 February 2020

Professor Feng Pan

Title: Material Genes and Structural Chemistry for Li-ion Battery

12 March 2020

Professor Caleb Martin

Title: Anti-Aromatic boroles as reagents for aromatic boron hetercycle synthesis.

16 March 2020

Professor Maud Save

Title: Functional thermoresponsive poly(N-vinyl caprolactam)-based colloids by polymerization in aqueous dispersed media.

23 March 2020

Associate Professor Alister Page

Title: TBC

1 April 2020

Dr Subhabrata Sen

Title: TBC

6 April 2020

Prof Matt Fuchter

Title: TBC

16 July 2020

Prof Ryan Shenvi

Title: TBC

20 July 2020

Professor Tony Davis

Title: TBC