Palaeontology and Palynology Laboratory


The Monash University Palaeontology/Palynology Laboratory is purpose-built to cater for the broad needs of an active palaeontology and environmental research group. The facilities provided in this laboratory have been designed to meet the requirements of fossil collection, preparation, analysis, documentation and preservation, along with the preparation, curation, storage and analysis of palynological samples and libraries for future use. The laboratory focuses on several skillsets and processes that allow for the advancement of the palaeontological and palynological sciences. These processes and skillsets have broader applications to other science disciplines, with active collaborations occurring with the School of Biological Sciences and the Monash University School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Museum Victoria, the Australia Museum, The Royal Botanic Gardens (Victoria), amongst other national and international institutions. The Palaeontology/Palynology Laboratory also has strong collaboration ties to the X-Ray microscopy facility for imaging geo-materials (XMFIG) facility.

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