Dinosaur Dreaming

The Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Dreaming site was discovered in 1991 when more than 20 fossil bones were found in a conglomerate layer on the rocky shore platform near Inverloch on the Bass Coast of Victoria, south-east of Melbourne.

Annual field trips to the Flat Rocks site began in 1994 and continued until 2013 - a total of 20 consecutive digs, making it the longest running dinosaur dig in Australia. The rock layer in which these fossils are buried was once the bed of an ancient river channel that flowed across the great rift valley between Australia and Antarctica.

Over 20 years of excavating resulted in the collection of more than 15,000 bones and teeth belonging to animals that lived in the river, such as turtles, plesiosaurs and fish, while others are the remains of those who roamed the floodplain, including dinosaurs, mammals, birds and pterosaurs.

Over time the name Dinosaur Dreaming encompassed other fossil localities along the Bass Coast where the remains of ancient animals like giant amphibians and primitive horned dinosaurs were found.

In 2006 the Dinosaur Dreaming crew also began excavating at the site along the Otway Coast, south-west of Melbourne, where a partial dinosaur skeleton was found in 2005. The site, later called Eric the Red West, showed great potential and in 2014 it was decided to cease annual excavations at the Flat Rocks site near Inverloch and concentrate solely on the Eric the Red West site, near the Cape Otway lighthouse.

For latest updates on work at the fossil site, please take a look at the Dinosaur Dreaming Blog, the Dinosaur Dreaming website and the Dinosaur Dreaming Facebook Page.

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2016 Dinosaur Calendar

Artwork for this project was kindly made available by professional artists Peter Trusler and Andrew Plant, Sharyn Madder and 13 year old student Maryam Ahmed who has attended several field trips to the dig site.

Funds raised from the sale of the calendars will go towards the operation of the February 2016 dig at the Eric The Red West dig, near Cape Otway.

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