Junior Secondary School Outreach

We have a brand new initiative from PrimeSCI!

We are now providing scientists and post-graduate students with a background in Earth Science, Atmospheric Science and/or Environmental Science to visit your school in order to present interactive and hands-on science workshops to your students.

We have created AusVELS hands-on lessons in Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental Sciences for Secondary School Students

Our interactive classroom lessons are designed for maximum hands-on participation. Lessons are held at your school, and we require one classroom to set up and teach in for all lessons.

For more information on these fantastic new lessons download our flyer.

Classroom Lessons

  • Earth and Space Sciences (1.5 hrs) 
     (Year 7: ACSSU115, ACSSU118, ACSSU119) 
  • Space and the Universe (1.5 hrs)
    (Year 10: ACSSU188, ASCHE191, ASCHE192, ASCHE195) 
  • Minerals and Rocks – The Building Blocks of Geology (1.5 hrs) 
    (Year 8: ACSSU153) 
  • Igneous Rocks and Volcanic Geohazards (2 hrs)
    (Year 8: ACSSU153, ACSHE136) 
  • Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks (2 hrs)  
    (Year 8: ACSSU153, ACSHE136) 
  • Metamorphic Rocks (2 hrs) 
    (Year 8: ACSSU153, ACSHE136, ACSHE226) 
  • Plate Tectonics (2 hrs)
    (Year 9: ACSSU180, ASCHE157, ASCHE158, ACSHE228) 

Field Trips 

Field trips are a great way for students to learn about Earth and Space Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. Half-day to full day fieldtrips are available upon consultation with PrimeSCI! staff. The cost of the field trip includes bus hire (if required), entry fee (if applicable), one scientist per 8–10 students, and student worksheets.Destinations may include:

  • Monash University Campus tours;
  • Geologically significant sites (Studley Park, You Yangs, Organ Pipes, Inverloch, Torquay, San Remo, Flinders, Waratah Bay);
  • Sites of earth resource extraction (Central Deborah Gold Mine, Walhalla Gold Mine, Wonthaggi State Coal Mine). 


Two scientists per class (20 students max): 

$600 plus GST (2 hour booking) 
$790 plus GST (3 hour booking)
$980 plus GST (4 hour booking)
$1170 plus GST (5 hour booking)