Dr Russell Anderson

Dr Russell Anderson

Adjunct Lecturer

PhD Physics, Swinburne University, 2010.
BSc(Hons) Physics, University of Melbourne, 2004.
BSc Physics and Pure Mathematics, University of Western Australia, 2003.


Recent and upcoming presentations

  • Fractional period adiabatic superlattice; and Inspiring students toward scientific computing, Centre for Quantum and Optical Science Seminar, Swinburne University, October 2018.
  • What skills will be necessary to manage the challenges presented to us with cheap computation, large data sets, and AI at all levels of employment? Discussion panel, Australasia Wolfram Technology Conference, September 2018.
  • Radiofrequency-dressed spinors for simulation and measurement, Victorian Ultracold Atoms Network, August 2018.
  • Realising a fractional-wavelength optical lattice with cyclic Raman coupling, Island Physics – Advancing quantum technologies in Australia, August 2018.
  • How to give a good talk, Victorian secondary (work experience) students, Monash University, June 2018.
  • Giant soap bubbles and the coldest stuff in the universe, Blind Bight Community Centre Open Day, June 2018.
  • Cool Tools for Teaching Showcase, Monash Business School, February 2018. [recording]
  • To the Moon and back: Laser detection of astronomical phenomena, Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society public lecture, September 2017.
  • Monash Education Academy Learning Lunchbox, July 2017. [recording]
  • Faster than a speeding stylus: Automated post-production of narrated screencasts, Symposium on Stylus Enabled and Cloud-Based Tertiary Learning and Teaching in STEM Courses, June 2017.
  • Uncertain principles: Is the Heisenberg principle really about uncertainty? Keynote address, Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria VCE Physics Teachers’ Conference, February 2017.
  • Alice kicked the ball: Improving scientific writing in the undergraduate physics laboratory, Monash Better Teaching Better Learning Showcase, February 2017.
  • Faraday magnetic resonace imaging of Bose-Einstein condensates, Australian Institute of Physics Congress, December 2016.
  • Inspiring students toward scientific computing, Monash Education Academy Unit Enhancement Symposium, November 2016. [recording]
  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding using visualisation, Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists, November 2016.
  • The power of lasers and the coldest stuff in the universe, Monash Open Day public lecture, August 2016.

Please email me about giving a teaching, research, or outreach presentation (e.g. school, kindergarten, community group) at your institution or event.


Dr Russell Anderson is an adjunct member of the School of Physics & Astronomy. Russell understands the universe – from soap bubbles to quantum physics – by simulating it. By demonstrating live programming and interactive visualisations in undergraduate physics, Russell seeks to demystify scientific computing and impel students toward their own simulations.



I am an author of autoscrub, a tool to automatically hasten silences in video. Essential to a lively fast-paced screencast or lecture recording is accelerating through the writing of equations and drawing of diagrams. This can be performed manually in video editing software, but the process is laborious, repetitive, and thus ripe for automation.

autoscrub is a Python package with a command line interface, and a web application currently in beta. If you would like to register as an early adopter and/or have any feedback about autoscrub, please get in touch.


  • PHS2061 – Quantum and thermal physics // Laboratory coordinator
  • PHS2081 – Atomic, nuclear and condensed matter physics // Laboratory coordinator
  • PHS2062 – Electromagnetism and optics // Laboratory coordinator, Lecturer
  • PHS3051 – Photon physics // Unit coordinator, Lecturer
  • PHS3350 – Physics and astronomy research project // Research supervisor
  • PHS4100 – Physics thesis project (Honours) // Research supervisor
  • PHS4200 – Advanced physics (Honours) // Lecturer


The Quantum Fluids Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy makes the coldest matter in the universe, Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Russell's research focuses on condensates with a spin degree of freedom: spinor BECs . In addition to the myriad topological phenomena they exhibit, these exotic superfluids have applications in precision measurement (trapped atom interferometry and high resolution magnetometry).

Marrying experiments in quantum measurement and control with the techniques of magnetic resonance is an ongoing theme of Russell's research. He is also a developer of the labscript suite, an open-source control and analysis system for hardware-timed experiments.

Selected publications