Colloquium Series

Time: Tuesday 2 June 2015 – 1:00pm
Place: Science Lecture Theatre S1, 16 Rainforest Walk (map)

Assembly of Massive Galaxies: Emerging Insights and Outstanding Challenges

Professor Shardha Jogee, University of Austin at Texas

Hierarchical models of structure formation provide one of the most successful paradigms for the growth of dark matter on large scales, but central challenges remain in elucidating how massive galaxies grow over cosmic time and across different environments. While violent galaxy mergers were traditionally thought to play a dominant role in galaxy growth, I will present mounting lines of evidence, which challenge this view and suggest that more quiescent processes play a central role in forming massive galaxies and our own Milky Way.

I will outline exciting results from some of the largest and deepest galaxy surveys we conducted with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope out to epochs the Universe was less than one third of its present age. I will end with a discussion of outstanding challenges for our paradigm of galaxy evolution and the transformative opportunities spawned by next generation facilities, including GMT, JWST, and SKA.

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