Colloquium Series

Time: Thursday 30 July 2015 – 1:00pm
Place: New Horizons (Building 82), Theatre G29 (map)

Generating a macroscopic spin singlet in a cloud of cold atoms

Dr Robert Sewell, Institute for Photonic Sciences, Barcelona

Generating and detecting entanglement in ever larger quantum systems is a key challenge in contemporary science. Entanglement is a useful resource for tasks such as quantum key distribution, or for improving our most sensitive measurement instruments, and is a key feature of complex phenomena such as high-temperature superconductivity or quantum magnetism.

I describe our recent work in generating exotic entangled states of laser-cooled atomic spins. We use quantum non-demolition measurement techniques to prepare entangled spin states. Recently, we have developed techniques for generating highly entangled macroscopic spin singlet, analogous to the ground state of many fundamental spin models in condensed matter physics. Combining this with quantum feedback control should allow us to deterministically prepare exotic entangled states. In the outlook I discuss prospects for using these techniques in experiments designed to simulate quantum magnetism.

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