Seminars and Colloquia

The School of Physics and Astronomy offers a series of vibrant colloquia and research seminars. These talks are delivered by invited guests from local and international institutions, as well as researchers from Monash.

All talks are held at the Clayton Campus: Getting to Monash Clayton Campus | Clayton Campus Map: Where to find the School of Physics and Astronomy

Colloquia are accessible to a more general physics audience (senior undergraduates to academics), while seminars are targeted at postgraduate students and researchers with a relevant background. All talks run for approximately 1 hour.

If you have questions about the talks, please contact:

Professor Meera Parish
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Talks for 2014

Date Speaker Title
18 December 2014 Professor Sankar Das Sarma, University of Maryland Has (the) Majorana really returned?
13 November 2014 Dr Lindley Lentati, Cambridge University Bayesian analysis methods in astrophysics
30 October 2014 Professor Carlos Muñoz, Autonomous University of Madrid What is the Universe made of?
23 October 2014 Professor Peter Drummond, Swinburne University Quantum simulations of the early universe
25 September 2014 Associate Professor Margaret Reid, Swinburne University Einstein versus quantum mechanics
4 September 2014 Dr Tim Garoni, Monash University The worm algorithm for the Ising model is rapidly mixing
4 September 2014 Dr Christopher Rogan, Harvard University Weakly Interacting Particles at the LHC: Searches for new forces, symmetries and dark matter
28 August 2014 Professor Geoff Pryde, Griffith University Photonic entanglement sharing
17 July 2014 Dr Niels Kjærgaard, University of Otago A laser based collider for ultracold bosons and fermions
12 June 2014 Assistant Professor Mile Gu, Tsinghua University Occam's Quantum Razor: How Quantum Mechanics can reduce the complexity of Classical Models
5 June 2014 Dr James Barnard, University of Melbourne The Higgs boson: elementary or composite?
29 May 2014 Dr Fjalar de Haan, Monash University Modelling Transitions in Social Systems of Service Provision
22 May 2014 Dr Fulvia Arfelli, University of Trieste Synchrotron radiation X-ray phase imaging from cells to clinical applications
15 May 2014 Dr Kavan Modi, Monash University Barely-quantum technologies: precision measurements using mixed states
8 May 2014 Professor Richard Easther, University of Auckland Inflation: Observational Status and Future Prospects
1 May 2014 Dr Bernhard Müller, Monash University Looking into the heart of a supernova with neutrinos and gravitational waves
17 April 2014 Dr Daniele Pelliccia, Monash University From the synchrotron to the lab: quantitative hard x-ray phase imaging and microscopy
10 April 2014 Professor Bennett Link, Montana State University Neutron Stars: Cosmic Laboratories for Extremely Condensed Matter Physics
3 April 2014 Dr Christoph Weniger, University of Amsterdam The Beauty and the Beast: Dark Matter Searches with Gamma and Cosmic Rays
6 March 2014 Prof. David McClelland, Australian National University We're on the eve of Gravitational Wave Detection
3 March 2014 Dr Pat Scott, McGill University Beyond the Standard Model or Bust
27 February 2014 Dr Andrew Wildes, Institut Laue-Langevin Physics applied to DNA: thermodynamics and the melting transition
7 February 2014 Prof. Nitin Samarth, Pennsylvania State University Topological Insulator Heterostructures: From Exotic Quantum States to Spintronics
6 February 2014 Dr Marco Drewes, Technische Universitaet Muenchen How many new particles do we need after the Higgs?