Seminars and Colloquia

The School of Physics and Astronomy offers a series of vibrant colloquia and research seminars. These talks are delivered by invited guests from local and international institutions, as well as researchers from Monash.

All talks are held at the Clayton Campus: Getting to Monash Clayton Campus | Clayton Campus Map: Where to find the School of Physics and Astronomy

Colloquia are accessible to a more general physics audience (senior undergraduates to academics), while seminars are targeted at postgraduate students and researchers with a relevant background. All talks run for approximately 1 hour.

If you have questions about the talks, please contact:

Professor Meera Parish
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Talks for 2012

Date Speaker Title
28 November 2012Dr Peter Skands, CERNVirtual Colliders
13 November 2012Dr Hai-Bo Yu, University of MichiganHunting for Dark Matter
PostponedDr Yuri Levin, Monash UniversityThe quest for gravitational waves through a theorist's eyes
4 October 2012Dr Andrew Martin, University of MelbourneLattice Models: From the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Coupled Atom Cavities to Quantum Graphity.
27 September 2012Dr Ishwaree Neupane, University of CanterburyUnderstanding of the Universe and possible implications of extra dimensions of space.
20 September 2012Prof Keith Nugent, University of MelbourneCoherent X-ray Science and Free-Electron Lasers
30 August 2012Dr Andreas Fouras, Monash UniversityVelocitomography
23 August 2012Dr Csaba Balazs, Monash UniversityHiggs discovery: opening a new era of particle physics
20 August 2012Dr Christian Ott, California Institute of TechnologyStellar Collapse, Core-Collapse Supernovae, and the Formation of Stellar-Mass Black Holes
2 August 2012Dr Scott Findlay, Monash UniversityAtomic resolution imaging and materials characterisation
26 July 2012Prof Chris Matzner, University of TorontoStellar Tidal Disruptions by Super-Massive Black Holes: A Laboratory for Young Disk Evolution
12 July 2012Dr Pat Scott, McGill UniversityThe search for particle dark matter
10 May 2012Dr Ann Roberts, University of MelbournePlasmonic nanostructures as elements for metamaterials and optical antennas
26 April 2012Prof Bernd Meyer, Monash UniversityMavericks required - understanding collective decision making through diffusion modelling
19 April 2012Dr Anne Peters, Monash UniversityHonesty of bright birds: a mechanistic perspective.
29 March 2012Dr Tamara Davis, University of QueenslandCosmological Confusion...
22 March 2012Prof Tony Gherghetta, University of MelbourneThe Origin of Mass at the Large Hadron Collider
15 March 2012Dr Tim Garoni, Monash UniversityCriticality, Combinatorics and Computing
1 March 2012Dr Chris Savage, Stockholm UniversityDirect detection of dark matter: status and issues