Seminars and Colloquia

The School of Physics and Astronomy offers a series of vibrant colloquia and research seminars. These talks are delivered by invited guests from local and international institutions, as well as researchers from Monash.

All talks are held at the Clayton Campus: Getting to Monash Clayton Campus | Clayton Campus Map: Where to find the School of Physics and Astronomy

Colloquia are accessible to a more general physics audience (senior undergraduates to academics), while seminars are targeted at postgraduate students and researchers with a relevant background. All talks run for approximately 1 hour.

If you have questions about the talks, please contact:

Professor Meera Parish
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Talks for 2013

Date Speaker Title
21 November 2013 Dr Peter Skands, CERN Modeling an LHC Collision
7 November 2013 Professor Kai Zuber, Dresden University of Technology Neutrinos - The X-files of particle physics
29 October 2013 Dr Meera Parish, Cambridge University Low-dimensional dipolar quantum gases
17 October 2013 Dr Kaye Morgan, Monash University Fast, sensitive phase contrast x-ray imaging for airway treatment development
10 October 2013 Assoc Prof Martin Burd, Monash University The birds and the bees: color vision and the evolution of color in flowering plants
26 September 2013 Assoc. Prof. Chris Vale, Swinburne University Seeing superfluidity in Fermi gases
24 September 2013 Prof Elisabetta Barberio, University of Melbourne Big Questions, Big Facilities: the Discovery of the origin of Mass?
19 September 2013 Dr Robert Colman, Bureau of Meteorology Climate modelling and climate change
5 September 2013 Prof Alexander Babanin, Swinburne University of Technology Rogue Waves in the Ocean, Understanding of Generation and Limiters
28 August 2013 Dr Tim Gureyev, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering Contrast, signal-to-noise and spatial resolution in X-ray phase-contrast imaging
22 August 2013 Dr Michael Brown, Monash University Galaxy Spectra and Recolouring the Universe
25 July 2013 Dr Anthony Wright, University of Queensland Topological phases in solid state and cold atoms: how do you measure topology?
31 May 2013 Jayden Newstead, Arizona State University The Next Generation of Direct Dark Matter Searches
23 May 2013 Prof Kristian Helmerson, Monash University Applications of the optical dipole force from atoms to biology
9 May 2013 Dr Yuri Levin, Monash University Adventures of supermassive black holes in galactic centers
2 May 2013 Prof Michael S. Fuhrer, Monash Graphene and topological insulators
18 April 2013 Prof Andrew Melatos, University of Melbourne Precision particle physics with gravitational wave detectors
11 April 2013 Prof Alain Molinari, Université de Lorraine, Metz, France Dynamic strain localization and fracture of ductile materials
4 April 2013 Prof Burkard Polster, Monash Mathematics The belt trick strikes again
28 March 2013 Prof Mikko Stenlund, University of Helsinki Randomness in deterministic dynamics
14 March 2013 Dr Lincoln Turner, Monash University Manufacturing Bose-Einstein condensates and Engineering wavefunctions