Seminars and Colloquia

The School of Physics and Astronomy offers a series of vibrant colloquia and research seminars. These talks are delivered by invited guests from local and international institutions, as well as researchers from Monash.

All talks are held at the Clayton Campus: Getting to Monash Clayton Campus | Clayton Campus Map: Where to find the School of Physics and Astronomy

Colloquia are accessible to a more general physics audience (senior undergraduates to academics), while seminars are targeted at postgraduate students and researchers with a relevant background. All talks run for approximately 1 hour.

If you have questions about the talks, please contact:

Professor Meera Parish
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Talks for 2011

Date Speaker Title
4 November 2011Dr Ralph GailisA Physicist's Journey in Defence Science and Technology Organization
28 October 2011Prof Louis Moresi, Monash GeoscienceNumerical modeliing in geology and tectonics - Methods for fluids with memory
21 October 2011Prof Lloyd Hollenberg, University of MelbourneDiamond qubits for sensing in biology
16 September 2011Prof Csaba Balazs, Monash UniversityNews from the Large Hadron Collider
9 September 2011Prof Joe Monaghan, Monash UniversityThe physics of swimming
2 September 2011Prof Stuart Wyithe, University of MelbourneThe epoch of reionization
26 August 2011Dr Kevin Pimbblett, Monash UniversityThe Large-Scale structure of the Universe
19 August 2011Dr Chris O'Donnell, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Department of Forensic MedicineVirtual autopsy: Use of advanced medical imaging to determine cause and mechanism of death.
5 August 2011Prof Axel Hoffman, Argonne National LaboratoryPure Spin Currents: Discharging Spintronics
27 May 2011Dr Duncan GallowayWhat are neutron stars made of?
17 May 2011Prof Michael S. FuhrerGraphene: Deep Physics from the All-surface Material
13 May 2011Prof Raymond R. Volkas, University of MelbourneNeutrinos: past, present and future
29 April 2011Dr Tapio Simula, Monash UniversityBreaking vortices
15 April 2011Prof David Paganin, Monash UniversityMyriad maelstroms: from quantum whirlpools to electromagnetic nano-vortices
8 April 2011Prof Rachel Webster, University of MelbourneThe Geothermal Energy
11 March 2011David Vine, University of MelbourneProgress and plans for coherent diffractive microscopy at the APS