Theoretical & Computational Physics

Researchers in this group explore a variety of problems in the field of contemporary theoretical and computational physics. Topics  range from studies of fundamental laws of physics to problems with a more applied flavour, all of which can be tailored to suit the candidate's own research interests. Research areas represented include quantum mechanics and field theory, quantum information theory, theoretical astrophysics, phase transitions, ultra cold atomic gases and theoretical optics.

Many of the research projects offered to students have a strong emphasis on computational methods and numerical calculations. High-performance and supercomputing facilities are accessible via the Monash eResearch Centre.

theoretical physics
Numerically evaluated spatial intensity distribution of light  illustrating aspects of wave-particle duality. Image is decorated by Schrödinger's, Dirac's, Einstein's, Hamilton's and Maxwell's equations.
Photo of Csaba BalazsProfessor Csaba Balazs
  • Classical and quantum field theory at zero and finite temperature
  • Large scale numerical computation, parallel and GPU processing
Photo of Jesper Levinsen Dr Jesper Levinsen
  • Many-body theory of Fermi gases
  • Impurities in Fermi/Bose gases
  • Quantum gases in confined geometries
  • Few-body physics
  • High temperature virial expansion
Photo of Meera Parish Associate Professor Meera Parish
  • Theory of strongly correlated phenomena in ultracold atomic gases and electron systems
  • Superconductivity and superfluidity
  • Low-dimensional systems
  • Magnetotransport
Photo of Kavan ModiDr Kavan Modi
  • Quantum communications, computing, and metrology
  • Quantum process characterisation
  • Thermodynamics at nanoscale nonlocality
Photo of Michael J. MorganProfessor Michael J Morgan
  • Topological defects in physical systems
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics
  • Inverse problems
Photo of David Paganin Professor David Paganin
  • Optical physics using x-rays, electrons, light and matter waves
  • Ghost imaging and optical coherence theory
  • Singular optics: caustics, vortices, topological defects
  • Phase retrieval and phase contrast imaging
Photo of Dr Timothy PetersenDr Timothy Petersen
  • Hybrid reverse Monte Carlo
  • Structure of disordered carbon
  • Diffraction physics
  • Singular electron optics
  • Tomography
Photo of Felix Pollock Dr Felix Pollock
  • Open quantum systems theory
  • Memory effects in quantum dynamics
  • Quantum control and the geometry of quantum state spaces
  • Thermodynamics of quantum systems
Photo of Peter Skands Associate Professor Peter Skands
  • Higgs boson physics
  • Monte Carlo simulations of high-energy particle collisions
  • Particle physics studies for the Large Hadron Collider
  • Quantum chromodynamics
  • Supersymmetry
Photo of German Valencia Professor German Valencia
  • Particle physics phenomenology
  • Standard model physics and beyond