Dr Mohsen Bagheri

Research Overview

My main research is in the domain of Operations Research and Optimisation. More specifically my research interests lie in the fields of mixed integer programming, scheduling models and algorithms, supply chain network design, and application of mathematical programming in real-world problems such as project management, transportation, supply chain management, logistics, and healthcare (to mention a few). Currently I am focused on transit network design problem in multi-modal transport systems.

Selected Publications

[1] Qorbani, Zahra; Koosha, Hamidreza; Bagheri, Mohsen. “An integrated model for customer equity estimation based on brand equity”, International Journal of Market Research, 2020, DOI: 10.1177/1470785320954116

[2] Bagheri, Mohsen; Gholinejad, Ali; Izanloo, Azra. “An application of stochastic programming method for nurse scheduling problem in a real word hospital”, Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2016, 96(C), DOI:10.1016/j.cie.2016.02.023

[3] Assadi, Mohammad; Bagheri, Mohsen. “Scheduling trucks in a multiple-door cross docking system with unequal ready times”, European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 2016, 10(1):103-125, DOI:10.1504/EJIE.2016.075108