Prof Phil Hall

Research Overview

My research has applications in such diverse areas as the design of laminar flow wings, the stability of offshore oil platforms, the development of sand banks in rivers and more recently in the description of coherent structures in turbulent flows. Progress in these areas required the development of radically new asymptotic theories capable of making predictions beyond the reach of numerical computations.

The different research areas were all motivated by experiments or practical problems and the approaches developed turned out in many cases to have relevance and importance way beyond the problem that motivated them. For example, the work on streamwise vortex growth in boundary layers paved the way for the development of the fundamental tool for transition prediction used worldwide in the aircraft industry. Likewise, the work on vortex-wave interactions done some twenty years ago now turns out to be a fundamental building block for the understanding of fully turbulent flows.

Selected Publications

[1] Hall, Philip ; Sherwin, Spencer John. "Streamwise vortices in shear flows: harbingers of transition and the skeleton of coherent structures". In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 2010 ; Vol. 661. pp. 178 - 205.

[2] Deguchi, Kengo ; Hall, Philip. "On the instability of vortex-wave interaction states". In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 2016 ; Vol. 802. pp. 634-666.

[3] Hall, Philip. "Vortex–wave interaction arrays : a sustaining mechanism for the log layer?". In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 2018 ; Vol. 850. pp. 46-82.

[4] Ozcakir, Ozge ; Hall, Philip ; Tanveer, Saleh. "Centre modes in pipe flow". In: IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics. 2019 ; Vol. 84, No. 5. pp. 854-872.