Special activities in honours

AMSI Summer School 2018

2018 Honours Students in all disciplines within the School of Mathematics are able to take one or two of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Summer courses as credit towards their honours degree.

The 2018 AMSI Summer School will be held at Monash University between 8 January and 2 February 2018.
To receive more information about the Summer School please visit: http://ss.amsi.org.au/

Travel grants are available for interstate applicants, visit http://ss.amsi.org.au/amsi-travel-grants/
See Also “Choose Maths” grants for women applicants, visit http://ss.amsi.org.au/choose-maths-grants/

The School of Mathematics will reimburse your registration fee valued at $420.  Please retain your Registration Tax Invoice / Receipt to present to the School for reimbursement.

First registration deadline: 28 October 2017 – for students applying for Travel Grant Support
Final registration deadline: 2 December 2017 – for students NOT applying for Travel Grant Support

If you plan on taking any of the summer courses, please contact the Honours Coordinator, Dr Yann Bernard.