Management & administrative staff

School management

Head of School (interim)

Associate Professor Kais Hamza

Deputy Head of School (interim)

Professor Fima Klebaner

School Manager

Mrs Gertrude Nayak

Executive Assistant to Head of School

Ms Anna Haley


Director of Undergraduate Education

A/Prof Burkard Polster

Chair of School Board of Examiners

A/Prof Burkard Polster

Mathematics Coordinator

( MTH10xx, MTH20xx, MTH30xx units)

Dr Simon Clarke

Mathematics Deputy Coordinator

(MTH10xx, MTH20xx, MTH30xx units)

A/Prof Tim Garoni

Applied Mathematics Coordinator

(MTH33xx units)

Dr Janosch Rieger

Applied Mathematics Deputy Coordinator

(MTH33xx units)

Dr Simon Clarke

Statistics Coordinator

(STA1010, SCI1020, MTH22xx, MTH32xx units)

A/Prof Jonathan Keith

Pure Coordinator

(MTH21xx, MTH31xx  units)

A/Prof Zihua Guo

Engineering Mathematics Coordinator

Prof Paul Cally

Engineering Mathematics Deputy Coordinator

Dr Alina Donea

IT Mathematics Coordinator

Prof Nicholas Wormald


Honours Coordinator

Dr Yann Bernard

Honours Deputy Coordinator

Dr Andy Hammerlindl

Manager of Supporting Programs and Maths Learning Centre

Dr Mark Flegg

Deputy Manager of Supporting Programs and MLC

Mr Simon Teague

Research & consulting

Director of Research

Dr Andrea Collevecchio

Deputy Director of Research

Dr A/Prof Daniel Horsley

Director of Postgraduate Studies

Dr Heiko Dietrich

Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies

Dr Daniel Mathews

Director of the Centre for Modelling of Stochastic Systems

Prof Fima Klebaner

Director of the Centre for Quantitative Finance and Investment Stratergies

Prof Gregoire Loeper

Director of MAXIMA

Prof Andreas Ernst

Statistical Consulting Coordinator

A/Prof Jonathan Keith


Exams Coordinator

A/Prof Kais Hamza

Environmental Officer / Open Day Coordinator

Mrs Gertrude Nayak

Safety Officer

Ms Karen Hogeboom

Health & Safety Representative

Ms Anna Haley


Ms Karen Hogeboom