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Tropical thunderstorm

Global warming predicted to trigger more frequent and intense thunderstorms in the tropics

Some of the world’s most intense thunderstorms occur in the tropics and subtropics but until now the relationship between such storms and climate change has been uncertain.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment

Monash researchers usher in new era of astronomy with the first detection of colliding neutron stars

Dr Eric Thrane and Dr Paul Lasky

A team of researchers at Monash University has taken part in the detection of gravitational waves from a pair of merging neutron stars. The result is likely to be remembered as one of the biggest astronomical discoveries of the 21st century.

Physics and Astronomy

Science awarded NHMRC grant to tackle antimicrobial resistance

The Faculty of Science has received a win in today’s NHMRC funding announcement with almost $500,000 allocated to combating antimicrobial resistance in hospitals and health-care facilities


Monash student research is the new weapon in Colombia’s fight against drugs

Fresh-faced and hopeful - you would be hard-pressed to pick 32-year-old Alejandra Saavedra as a Colombian police officer who has spent over a decade at the frontline of Colombia’s long anti-drug offensive.

Kizzy Tahnin

Culture in sustainable development with alumna Kizzy Tahnin

The Monash Master of Environment and Sustainability degree led graduate Kizzy Tahnin to the role of Culture Programme Officer at UNESCO Bangladesh. Kizzy has always been interested in culture and heritage, but it was during her master's studies at Monash that its full significance came to light for her, igniting her passion to work in this field.

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