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Mathematical Sciences
and Physics and Astronomy

Panel discussions
7 August, 18:00PM -19:15PM
Where: S3 Lecture Theatre, 16,
Rainforest Walk, Clayton VIC
Networking sessions
7 August, 19:15PM -20:30PM
Where: Level 4 of Green Chemical Futures building,
13 Rainforest Walk, Clayton VIC

The Networking Session will be held on level 4 of GCF, 13 Rainforest Walk between 19:15PM – 20:30PM. 
Refreshments will be served.

Industry partners

  • Gareth Kennedy Consulting

    Representative: Gareth Kennedy

    About Gareth Kennedy Consulting:
    I am a data scientist with over a decade’s analytics and mathematics experience presently working as a consultant providing data science, statistical and predictive analytics services to start-ups and academia. I'm recently returned from China where I was engaged in building up the data science capability for a German consulting company operating in China. At present I am working for myself as a consultant for start-ups and academic clients in Melbourne.

  • Department of Health and Human Services - Victorian Government

    Representatives: Rhiannon Murrie

    About Department of Health and Human Services:
    The Department of Health and Human Services delivers policies, programs and services that support and enhance the health and well-being of all Victorians. From the state health care system to housing, child protection and emergency management, there are many areas where you can influence change for the better and impact people's lives in a positive way.

  • Biarri

    Representative: Evan Shellshear

    About Biarri:
    Biarri tackles some of the world's most challenging problems - and we do it by building decision support tools powered by mathematics. We are an award-winning organisation building cloud first solutions across a wide variety of industries, which keeps your work interesting. Biarri is Australia's largest maths based business. We have 150+ employees spread across Australia, Europe and North America and we are growing quickly as more companies realise the power of making informed decisions built on data instead of the traditional gut feeling.

  • Burnet Institute

    Representative: Nick Scott

    About Burnet Institute:
    Burnet Institute is an independent medical research institute and a registered non-governmental organisation. Burnet conducts laboratory research, public health research (including modelling) and international development work, with the goal of directly translating research into practice.

  • NAB / MLC Wealth

    Representative: Oscar Tian

    About NAB / MLC Wealth:
    As National Australia Bank’s wealth management business, MLC provides investments, superannuation and financial advice to corporate, institutional and retail customers. We’re all about using our expertise and the capabilities of the NAB Group to give our customers a bigger vision for their future and the bigger picture of their wealth.

  • Teach for Australia

    Representative: Melanie Symonds

    About Teach for Australia:
    Teach For Australia is an innovative non-profit organisation and part of a global movement dedicated to developing leadership in classrooms and communities to ensure all children achieve their potential.