Caulfield Court Hire and Bookings

For sanitisation reasons, Monash Sport is not currently providing equipment hire to any user groups. This includes balls, racquets, cones etc. User groups will be responsible for bringing their own equipment to their bookings. Please refer to our Staged Reopening webpage for updates.

Need a break from studying? Take a time out and enjoy the exclusive use of a court at Caulfield for you and your friends! Conveniently, you can also hire your desired sport equipment at the Monash Sport Service desk on campus.

Lost and Found

Any items found within Monash Sport Caulfield campus are placed at the main Service Desk. These items are kept for a period of no longer than 2 weeks, after which they may either be donated to a local charitable organization or reported to the police. If you have any questions regarding lost personal items, please check with our Monash Sport staff at the main Service Desk.

Equipment Hire

  • Badminton racquet - $3.50
  • Basketball - Free
  • Football - Free
  • Soccer ball - Free
  • Table Tennis racquet - Free

Non students must pay $5 for casual play which includes equipment if needed, and students can hire equipment for free if they present a valid student card. However Badminton racquet hire is an exception to this, as students and staff must pay $3.50 to hire badminton racquets.

All equipment hire is included with bookings except for badminton racquets.

All customers must present and leave a valid ID card at the main Service Desk at the time of hire. All ID cards will be returned upon return of equipment.

All equipment must be presented at the completion of your booking – fees or charges apply for any lost/stolen or damaged equipment.

Other equipment such as badminton shuttle cocks and table tennis balls can be purchased at the main Service Desk.


Please contact the Monash Sport Service Desk for further information: (03) 9903 2358