Monash Staff Games

Held at Clayton campus, the Monash Staff Games are an opportunity for staff across all campuses of the university to play sports in a fun and friendly environment. The 2019 Monash Staff Games offered a variety of sports and activities with an emphasis on getting involved and having a go. Check out our highlights video below!


Carpet Bowls

Winners - Sustainabowlity, 
Runners Up - I Can't believe it's not Gutter


Winner's Let's Go Avocardio

Runner's Up - D-Solutions

Indoor Cricket

Winner's - Hogan's Heroes
Runner's Up - Neapolitan Ice Cream!

Indoor Soccer

Winner's - eSol Wood
Runner's Up - Barbarians


Winner's - eSolutions-Vaders
Runner's Up - Spiked Punch


Winner's - HR Ballers
Runner's Up - Let's go Avocardio

Table Tennis Singles

Winner - Adrian C
Runner's Up - Farshad M

Table Tennis Doubles

Winner - Kannan J and Ethan H
Runner's Up - Timothy C and Eddie K

Badminton Singles

Winner - Aamir C
Runner's Up - Jack C

Badminton Doubles

Winner - Jack C and Timothy C
Runner's Up - Aamir C and Ron W


Registrations have now closed! Be sure to check back here for all the latest news on the next Monash Staff Games.

What to wear

For all activities and competitions, we suggest comfortable clothing and runners. Bibs and clash singlets will be provided, and we suggest that each team agrees on the same coloured singlets/t-shirts to identify your team. We encourage teams to dress up and get creative!

Image from the Monash Staff Games 2018.

Get social with Monash Sport!

Throughout the event, we will be resharing team photos, creative uniforms and winning shots. So be sure to tag us in the fun via our platforms: Workplace @monashsport  Facebook @monashsport  Instagram @monash_sport

Winners from the Monash Staff Games 2018.

Too legit to quit? Join our Social Sport competition!

Take a break from the treadmill. Get fit with friends. Our Social Sport competitions cater to all skill levels and are open to everyone. Our social sport competitions are a great way to get fit and have fun with friends, colleagues and even family.

Social Sport Semester 2 commences July 29. Find out more here.

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