Fitness Videos

Foam Roller Stretching with Celeste

Health and Fitness Instructor Celeste shows you four ways to use the foam rollers, and explains why they are great option for stretching tight muscles.

Wall Ball Exercises with Kalina

Health and Fitness Instructor Kalina shows you how to use the new cell matrix at the Clayton Fitness Centre with the wall ball exercise.

Sand Bag Training with Josh

Health and Fitness Instructor Josh takes you through three easy ways to incorporate sand bag training into your workout, and tells you why it's a great alternative if you're looking to change up your workout program.

Sled Track Tutorial with Caroline

Participation Programs Coordinator Caroline shows you three ways to use the sled track at Clayton Campus. As well as how the sled push/pull can help your workout.

Battle Ropes Tutorial with Phoebe

Health and Fitness Instructor Phoebe shows three easy ways to use the Battle Ropes.