Paul Marr - Run Monash Profile

1. Name:

Paul Marr

2. Age:


3. A brief background:

Came over to Australia at age 24 to run the Budget Melbourne Marathon, which was 2 weeks after the Glasgow marathon. We arrived Saturday morning and raced Sunday morning and never went home.

4. How long have you been a RunMonash member?

I’m not sure how long I’ve been coming to Run Monash. On and off for 5 or 6 years.

5. What do you enjoy most about your involvement in RunMonash?

I like that the sessions are time based and accomodate for all levels of fitness.

6. Favourite run monash session:

I like the Time Trial as it shows if the training is working but my favourite would be the Mona Fartlek.

7. Any general comments about your involvement in RunMonash:

It’s always a happy positive place to train and Trevor’s commitment to the group is inspiring.

8. Favourite place to run:

That would be Lysterfield Lake I plan to scatter my ashes there.

9. What motivates you to continue running?

I had let my running slip working for myself but after a cancer diagnosis 2 years back I realised how much running meant too me.

10. What is your current running goal?

I don’t have any running goals my pbs are all behind me. It’s just a great feeling to get to the finish line.

11. Any running shoe/clothing/gadget that you couldn’t live without?

We can get a bit caught up in distance, time, heart rate. Make your easy run very easy and your hard run hard and the rest will look after itself but I do like music when I run.

12. Favourite song/music to run to? (or sounds of nature)

simple Minds, Rush Genesis anything 80s

13. Favourite food:

Haggis ,Porridge, Roti Chani.