Why Monash Sport?

Monash Sport offers members a variety of free programs, challenges and services to help every member get the most out of their membership.

No joining fees, no long contracts, and flexible membership suspension options*!

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Our commitment to you:

As a member, you can take advantage of all that we have to offer*. These services are included in your membership for FREE, and always will be!

helping We will always have qualified Health and Fitness Instructors available to assist you from the second we open, to the moment we close!
We don’t charge you extra for advice or assistance from our qualified Health and Fitness Instructor like other gyms, they are always on hand to help you.


Members receive FREE Health and Fitness assessments with unlimited reviews
Health and Fitness assessments allow every member to have various components of their health and fitness tracked, monitored and assessed by our qualified Health and Fitness Instructors. To see what level you are at or to see how your fitness is improving, contact us to book an assessment in today!


Members receive FREE personalised exercise programs with unlimited reviews
We tailor each exercise program to the individual, taking into consideration your goals, ability, injuries and preferences! From low-impact cardio programs to muscle building to functional training routines, no two programs are the same! To have your own personalised exercise program, contact us to book in a time today!


What to expect during an appointment

Health and Fitness reassessments and Health and Fitness program reviews are conducted approximately every eight weeks in order to track your progress and to help you reach your personal goals. There are no additional costs associated with reassessments of program reviews – this is all a part of your membership!

Members access our FREE Training Enhancement Series, an initiative which pushes your membership value the extra mile

  • Monthly Nutritional Information
    Don’t pay extra for nutrition advice – we provide all members with a wealth of nutritional information within our Fitness Centre to assist them with every aspect of their wellbeing
  • Exercise of the Week
    Our Exercise of the Week initiative is a great way for a member to learn about new exercises which they can add to their training in order to encourage variety and results.
  • Monthly Personal Challenges
    Test yourself in order to improve your strength, endurance and cardio fitness in our Monthly Personal Challenge. Challenges rotate between a muscular strength test, a cardiovascular test and a muscular endurance test.

* Please note that our terms and conditions apply to all our member benefits. To receive a free health and fitness assessment or free personalised program members must be on fitness or fitness + aquatics membership in the following categories: direct debit, 12 months upfront, salary sacrifice, MRS, abroad, indigenous, MU scholarship or ms memberships.