Competition Scheduling

Fixtures, Ladders and Results

For all fixtures ladders and results click here.

Week 1 fixtures will become available 48 hours prior to the competition commencement at the above location.

See our current social sport timetable here.


Grading will take place in competitions where there are enough teams to be divided into 2 divisions.  In such competitions week 1 will be used for grading purposes where umpires, referees and competition management will determine seeding's.  The online team registration form allows teams to select their preference for a higher or lower grade, however the final decision on grading will be determined by competition management.


The number of teams to receive awards at the end of the season will be determined by the total number of entries.  In most competitions the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams will receive awards for up to 8 players. Additional awards can be purchased for teams with more than 8 players.