How to Register a Team

All team registrations are completed online.  To complete your online registration you will need:

  • A team name (offensive or inappropriate team names will not be accepted).
  • Captain and vice captains details including phone numbers, email address and student/staff number if applicable.
  • All team members details including full name, email address and student/staff number if applicable.
  • Select the competition you wish to enter.
  • Make online registration payment using a credit or debit card.

Once all the above steps are complete you will receive a team code.  This code can then be distributed to each of your players so that they can register individually as a member of your team.  Captains and vice captains are also required to complete this.

If you are having any trouble registering your team please contact the competition coordinator.

Please note registrations for the Peninsula basketball competitions contact the competition coordinator.

What if I'm an Individual

Our Facebook group is a great way to find others to form, or join a team!