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Learning activities

Mandatory compliance training


Monash University is a young, dynamic university that has gained an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The members of the Monash community come from diverse backgrounds, religions, cultures and countries.

We acknowledge today that universities are not only centres of knowledge, learning and research, but also complex communities, in which people engage, live and collaborate. In achieving our goals, we must consider the rights and responsibilities we owe to each other, to Monash University, and to the many communities in which Monash operates.

So we ask all staff to develop an understanding of our legal obligations, and responsibilities relating to occupational health and safety, equal opportunity, privacy, and ethical behaviour.

You will soon be completing some mandatory training modules that we ask all staff to complete.  By completing these modules we will all understand what conduct is expected of us, the potential consequences for failure to comply with our obligations, and information on who can help us if we have questions.

We hope that by completing these modules, our staff will help us to maintain a healthy, safe, fair and ethical working environment.

Online training modules

To ensure that your completion of training is recorded correctly, please ensure you log in using your staff authcate username and password. Please do not use your student account or external account if you happen to have one as your completion of training will not be recorded and you maybe required to repeat it.

  • Ethical and Professional Conduct
    • duration:  Allow 20 minutes
    • valid for three years
  • Privacy
    • duration: Allow 20 minutes
    • valid for three years
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    • duration: Allow 30-40 minutes   (It is advisable to complete this module in full as you are unable to save and exit, then restart)
    • valid for three years
  • Equal Opportunity
    • duration: Allow 20 minutes (Important: Please type in the relevant enrolment key on the Equal Opportunity web page when self enrolling for this course. Do not use copy and paste for enrolment key)
    • valid for two years