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Customised learning solutions


Request a learning and development service customised for your group

We provide the following services:

  • Staff Development,  ICT skills, and OHS workshops
  • Performance Development sessions
  • Customised programs for work groups
  • Advice and support to meet learning and development needs of work areas
  • Recommendations and referrals to suitable facilitators for local and overseas development initiatives including retreats and strategic planning days

Option 1: Request an existing Staff Development, ICT, or OHS program

In requesting Option 1,you support the following:

  1. To communicate to participants required workshop pre-requisites if outlined on the workshop page
  2. No changes to workshop duration
  3. No changes to workshop content
  4. A consultation with the facilitator to provide contextual information

Option 2: Request/Inquire about the development of a new workshop / program,  or modifications to an existing program

In requesting option 2, you support the following

  1. To discuss with the consultant the specific needs of your work group
  2. To communicate to the participants all necessary workshop details

Clients are advised that:

  • The program fee quoted will be cost recovery and will be dependent on variables such as the number of attendees, materials, travel etc.
  • For the workshop to be confirmed - email acceptance of the program fee and cancellation policy will be required.
  • If the organiser of the program wished to use a venue of their choice, they will be responsible for the following:
    • Booking an appropriate size venue to accommodate attendees
    • Providing the necessary resources as requested by the facilitator
    • Organising the required catering
  • Attendee names are to be finalised at least 10 days prior to the training event and forwarded to