Campus Amenities

Campus amenities for us and our environment

The environment in which we work affects our health, wellbeing and performance. Monash is committed to creating an outstanding campus experience for all staff, students and visitors.

Our Campus Masterplan Vision is to establish landscapes that remain stable in the face of a growingly unpredictable climate and encourage outdoor social and learning experiences through our campus amenities

Tree Succession Plan

To increase campus amenity and biodiversity, as well as encouraging our staff and students to be outdoors, we endeavour to maintain a good tree canopy cover. To do this we regularly assess the health of over 11,000 trees on our campuses and use a tree succession plan to ensure we do not lose overall canopy coverage.

Apart from canopy cover, our assessments show that our trees store nearly 3,000 tonnes of carbon, remove nearly 2 tonnes of pollution annually, and provide a vital urban cooling benefit by reducing the amount of radiant heat being absorbed into our hard surfaces on campus, which is especially important in hotter months.

Monash Parkville campus entry point 
Two monash staff walking amongst greenery with bikes 

Impact 2030

Impact 2030 is a new strategic plan that charts the path for how the University will actively contribute to address the challenges of the age for the betterment of our communities through its research and education, and in collaboration with government, industry and community.

To better understand what Impact 2030 will mean for you as a Monash staff member, click here.