Biodiversity policy

Biodiversity at Monash

Monash is creating campus ecosystems that mitigate and adapt to an unpredictable climate. The grounds support rich and diverse native habitats, and provide an immersive Australian experience for students, staff and visitors.

Monash strives to continue to develop and maintain healthy and sustainable campus ecosystems to preserve its ecological assets for the wellbeing of its community and health of the planet.

Our Biodiversity Policy

In the face of climate unpredictability, Monash has committed itself to improve its campus landscapes to be adaptable and sustainable ecosystems, equipped to thrive into the future.

The Urban Ecosystems Implementation Plan 2017 - 2020 was the first iteration of this policy. Monash will continue to improve campus ecosystems to create greater amenity for humans and improved habitat for flora and fauna.

Monash biodiversity policy diagram 
Drone image of clayton campus gardens

Jock Marshal Reserve (JMR)

The Jock Marshal Reserve is a biodiverse ecological facility managed by the JMR Management Committee within the School of Biological Sciences.

The land on which the reserve sits was traditionally occupied by the Bunurong people. The three hectare ecological sanctuary provides a unique Australian conservation experience that is a cornerstone for environmental education and research at Monash University.