Indigenous connection and knowledge

Indigenous connection and knowledge

Monash strives to be an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and is committed to initiating change, increasing cultural safety conditions, and improving the quality of life of Indigenous peoples and communities across Australia.

As outlined in The Monash Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Framework (2019-2030), we endeavour to do this through realising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aspirations, safeguarding cultural heritages, and using expertise and resources to involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in faculties and divisions across Monash.


Aboriginal Garden

The Aboriginal Gardens located on our Clayton campus features over 150 species of native plants that were important to the life of Koories of south-eastern Australia. Victorian Koories used plants for all the daily necessities of life - for food, medicine, fibre, canoes, houses and for all sorts of implements.

We encourage you to visit the Aboriginal Gardens and feel a connection to the land, which has been so important to the Koori people. You can use this pamphlet to help guide you through the garden, or you can read the labels assigned to each plant to find out their Indigenous name, English name, botanical name, and the uses for the plant.

Image of monash clayton campus aboriginal garden 
A bespoke Indigenous artwork by renowned Yorta-Yorta artists Lyn-Al and Robert Young, which is displayed in the William Cooper Institute 

William Cooper Institute

The William Cooper Institute connects research, learning and engagement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities through the establishment of a ‘hub-and-spoke’ model of Indigenous leadership and participation across and within the University.

The Institute oversees the development of targeted strategies to improve Indigenous access, participation and success in education, research and employment.

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council (VAHC)

VAHC plays a deeply important role in helping the Victorian community respect and understand Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Traditional Owner responsibilities, which is vital in Welcome to Country ceremonies.

The Welcome to Country ceremony recognises the unique position of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australian culture and history, and is a significant customary gesture. Only the Traditional Owners of the land can give a Welcome to Country.

VAHC advises Monash University on which groups are appointed particular lands and waters.

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council Logo (Indigenous art)