Team Relationships

Managing team relationships

Having professional, collegial, and open relationships with their team leader, colleagues and broader team is extremely important for a staff members work health.

Included in the following tabs are questions you can consider to ensure you are fostering healthy work relationships alongside valuable resources that you can access to improve your teams work environment.

Available Resources

Guide to giving and receiving feedback

Clear and respectful communication between you and your staff is key to forming supportive work relationships and working together effectively.

You may be interested in this guide to providing and receiving feedback in the workplace to improve and manage the communication within your team.

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MyCoach for People Leaders

MyCoach is a confidential external advisory service for managers and supervisors to help lead, manage and support their team. They can help with issues such as interpersonal conflict and tension and more. Find out more by clicking here.

You can access up to six sessions for each issue you have  by calling 1300 360 364. There are face-to-face, phone and LiveChat appointments available.

Workplace training available

Leadership training and communications training are available for you to request if you want more guidance in leading a healthy workspace.

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Policies and procedures

You may want to brush up on your knowledge of Integrity and Respect policies and Diversity and Inclusion policies and procedures to familiarise yourself with what standards are in place at Monash to foster and uphold healthy work relationships.