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The Faculty of Education is currently seeking partner institutions to further enhance the future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. We are committed to collaborating across the education, industry and employer sectors for this initiative and welcome enquiries for partnership and collaboration.

Integrated partnership of universities, industry, government and all education sectors ensures responsive, engaged, innovative model for meeting the challenges for STEM education development and delivery across the lifespan.

Potential for Impact

Leading the nation in STEM Education

Innovative, coordinated, STEM Education strategy and platform.

Cutting edge teacher professional learning in STEM

Evidence-based teacher education and up-skilling in STEM knowledge and pedagogy.

Creating opportunities

Enabling opportunities for people under-represented in STEM, including female, Indigenous, remote and regional students and students with a disability.

Developing the STEM and innovation pathways

Developing and enabling critical STEM and ‘soft’ skills for future careers and industries.

Integrating STEM education through the lifespan

Collaborative partnership of university, government, schooling, training and industry, enabling flexible education and industry pathways.

Increased student participation and achievement in STEM

Leading student participation, engagement with, and achievement in STEM.

Community engagement with STEM

Through the social media impact of STEMTalks®, and associated changes in STEM teaching and learning, the Institute will support a shift in community attitudes from STEM.

Leading policy and research

Drive improvements in STEM education including through development of Australasian and international collaborative STEM education networks to jointly develop expertise and drive policy research.

We'd love to chat about partnering with your school or organisation.

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