Participate in online polls

Polls and your learning

Polling tools are a great way to share your ideas with other students and teaching staff, whether in online or on-site classes. When you are invited to contribute to an online poll, you are being encouraged to participate actively in the learning experience. This enables you to help shape the class with your teachers and fellow students, and engage with the content actively by providing authentic responses.

Sharing your thoughts in a live online poll can:

  • test your understanding of a unit concept
  • contribute to critical discussion of the week's ideas
  • reveal the diversity or complexity of student perspectives on a topic
  • allow you to participate interactively with the lesson content
  • enable teaching staff to engage students with discussion and feedback

At Monash University, Flux and Poll Everywhere are the most common polling tools you are likely to use, although there are many others available. Whichever polling platform you use, consider the following strategies to help you make the most of the polling experience.

Using Monash polling tools

Taking it further