Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is responsible for handling student complaints and reports to the University Council each year on the effectiveness of the relevant complaints policies and procedures.

How can the Student Ombudsman help you?

If you’ve already made a formal complaint to your faculty or a University service area and you’re unhappy with the results, refer your complaint to the Student Ombudsman.

The Monash University Student Ombudsman can help by:

  • talking to University staff
  • inspecting documents
  • getting independent legal advice
  • recommending changes to University practices to prevent similar complaints.

Contacting the Ombudsman

Before you lodge a complaint with the Student Ombudsman, make sure you’ve gone through the formal complaints process. If you're complaint has not been resolved through this process, you can then contact the Ombudsman.

To contact the Student Ombudsman:

When you lodge your complaint:

  • the Ombudsman will decide if an investigation is needed.
  • if an investigation occurs, the Ombudsman will make recommendations for the resolution of the grievance to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), or dismiss your complaint.
  • if you're unhappy with the result, you can lodge a complaint with the Victorian Ombudsman.

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