Say NO to Racism workshop

The Say NO to Racism workshop encourages and enables participants to take safe and constructive action against racism. The training covers interpersonal racism and its impacts, barriers to bystander action, the potential of bystander anti-racism and practical skills and tools to help people take action.

Training activities are based on experiential learning and forum theatre where participants are encouraged to learn and reflect by doing. This approach allows participants to put themselves in a realistic situation with the opportunity to experience and overcome the barriers to intervention in addition to learning and practising the tools and language required for safe and constructive intervention.

After completing the training, participants should:

  • be able to understand the individual and ambiguous nature of everyday and casual forms of racism
  • have an increased understanding of the impacts of racism
  • be aware of the barriers to bystander intervention
  • acquire practical strategies and language skills to take safe and constructive action against racism
  • recognise the potential of bystander action in creating anti-racist social norms

This training can be delivered on request to staff and student groups (tutorial groups, clubs, leadership programs). Please contact us for more information at