Online training for students

Equal Opportunity and Me

The  online student training module, Equal Opportunity and Me will help you understand equal opportunity law, your obligations and the obligations of those around you in work and study spaces, and other areas of public life in Victoria.

Why complete this training?

As a Monash student you’re part of a diverse, global community. We want you and everyone in our community to study and work free from discrimination, harassment, victimisation, and vilification.

There’s so much to learn and benefit from the Equal Opportunity and Me training such as:

  • knowing your rights and responsibilities under equal opportunity laws which will give you insight into how others may experience the world differently
  • understanding how you’re protected by equal opportunity laws.

This training module is available for all Monash students and should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Enrol in Equal Opportunity and Me

If you're a staff member, you'll find Equal Opportunity training in myDevelopment through