Gender equity

At the heart of Monash University’s commitment to celebrating diversity and inclusion is our aim to achieve true gender equity. Gender equity occurs when individuals of all genders are treated fairly. It’s an important step in achieving gender equality, where a person’s access to resources and opportunities, as well as their rights and responsibilities, are not restricted by their gender.

At Monash University, we believe equity makes us better as a university and stronger as a community. Consequently, a focus on gender equity and inclusivity has been fundamental to our organisational strategy for more than three decades.

We continue to work to ensure we’re a destination of choice for staff and students irrespective of their gender by creating a fair and equitable workplace and study environment. Our work towards a gender equitable future is outlined in our Gender Equality and Gender Equity Action Plan (pdf, 0.69 mb).

For more information about gender equity and our diversity and inclusion practices, contact Respectful Communities.