Gender affirmation

Monash is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the community.

The following provides some practical advice to support gender diverse students who may be transitioning or affirming their gender at Monash, including those who identify with non-binary gender identities.

You can use this information as a starting point and as a guide on how best to support others.

Change of details

You can update your personal details on Monash records, such a name or gender, by completing the Variation of Personal Details form (pdf, 0.16 mb) together with a Statutory Declaration and submitting them at Monash Connect.

Please be aware that changing your name and/or gender at Monash may create some unexpected consequences, e.g. Centrelink payments may be interrupted if university and Centrelink records do not match. It is important that you communicate any changes to personal details at Monash to Centrelink as soon as possible.

Updating your name and/or gender in the University’s records is not the same as legally changing your name and/or gender. Find out about changing your name and changing your gender in Victoria.

Once you've updated your records, you can also align your email sending name. This can be done using the Account tab under email settings. For changes to your authcate, please contact Diversity and Inclusion for advice.

You may change your title at any time without documentation. This can be done when completing the Variation of Personal Details form or by speaking with someone at Monash Connect. You can select the title Mx to identify outside of a binary gender.

Communicating with academic staff

Diversity and Inclusion can help you develop a communication plan to support you as you transition or affirm your gender. You may also wish to have an open and honest discussion with faculty and/or administrative staff about:

  • who needs to know about the transition
  • timelines for transitioning (if applicable)
  • what flexibility there is in submission of assignments to accommodate any medical appointments you may have
  • name and pronoun use.

If your change of details are not updated before the start of semester, contact your tutors to let them know your preferred name and pronouns.

Please note that such discussions are protected under the Privacy and Data Protection Act.

Organising study adjustments

Special consideration may be granted for in-semester assessments, end-of-semester assessments and exams if you can demonstrate significant impact on study. You will need to discuss the availability of short extensions for in-semester assessments with faculty teaching staff.

If at any point in your studies you experience a mental health condition, you are encouraged to register with Disability Support Services. Disability Advisers can individually discuss and arrange reasonable adjustments.

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