All-gender toilets

Monash supports students and staff to use the toilet facility that makes them feel safe. All-gender toilets are for people of all gender identities and expressions.

They provide a space on campus for people who may not feel comfortable or safe using the binary gendered female or male toilets, and work toward making the Monash community more inclusive for all students, staff and visitors. They also benefit parents and guardians accompanying children and people who require the assistance of a carer regardless of gender.


Clayton campus

Campus Centre
Level 1, 21 Chancellor's Walk

  • Western Extension hallway
  • Sir John's Bar

Learning and Teaching 92
19 Ancora Imparo Way

  • Ground floor
  • Level 1

Engineering 60
23 College Walk

  • Ground floor

Law 12
15 Ancora Imparo Way

  • Ground floor
  • Level 2, Law Library

Caulfield campus

Building H
Ground floor, Sable Drop Cafe

Building S
Level 2

You can find these locations on the online campus map.