Sir John Monash Mentoring Program

Sir John Monash Mentoring Program

The Sir John Monash Mentoring Program assists high-achieving students in developing their leadership skills. The program provides select students from second-year and beyond with a personal and professional development opportunity, by pairing them with an experienced mentor.

Mentors are sourced according to student’s academic, career, or personal goals and can be an experienced member of the Monash alumni community or a current Monash staff member.


The mentoring relationship runs from April to October and is a great opportunity for mentees to receive support in study and career planning, networking insights and developing leadership skills. Mentors have the opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to help their mentee to make the most of their personal and professional potential.

The program features a number of skills-based workshops and a completion ceremony, all of which are designed to complement the practical mentoring experience.


On completion of the program, mentees will have had the opportunity to develop:

  • a sense of belonging with the Monash University community
  • leadership and employability skills
  • a clearer understanding of your values, strengths and areas for improvement
  • greater insights into your career direction.

To receive a Certificate of Completion, mentees must:

  • actively participate in the program
  • attend all mandatory events
  • record program experiences through Student Futures
  • complete two Leap into Leadership Online modules including the Mentoring module
  • submit the post event and end of program surveys.

On completion of the program, mentors will have had the opportunity to develop:

  • a sense of belonging with the Monash University community
  • the personal and professional aspirations of your mentee
  • a clearer understanding of your values, strengths and areas for improvement as a mentor
  • network with like-minded alumni, staff and senior students who have volunteered their time to the program.

To receive a Certificate of Completion, mentors must:

  • attend all mandatory events
  • actively participate in the program.


The Sir John Monash Mentoring Program is open to current students (second-year and beyond) studying at Australian campuses and receiving the Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement.

Eligible students are invited to participate in the program in November and December. Interested students then complete an online needs assessment, which helps to inform your mentor pairing. Those who are paired with a mentor will start the program in April.


If you are a current Monash staff member and would like to be a mentor, contact

If you are a member of the monash alumni and you would like to be a mentor, contact:

Alumni Engagement
Phone: +61 3 9903 4602

Important dates


November and December Invites sent to eligible students to express interest in joining the program


January 30 N/A Deadline for eligible students to express interest in joining the program
February N/A Mentors recruited
February 15 N/A Mentor pairings confirmed
April 4 6.30 - 9pm Workshop 1
August 12 6.30 - 9pm Workshop 2
October 10 6.30 - 9pm Completion ceremony

Contact for enquiries


This program is proudly delivered by Career Connect.


"This program has provided a variety of opportunities and an abundance of knowledge in terms of how to deal with and manage what's ahead career-wise, as well as established connections with my mentor and beyond. Through personal anecdotes and advice given, I have been able to grow and learn a lot in the process."
- 2018 Mentee

"My expectations for the program were greatly exceeded. I didn't expect to feel so comfortable talking about my current successes and struggles with my mentor, but it was a really nurturing and safe environment."
- 2018 Mentee

"The matching process to find an appropriate mentor was wonderful. I felt you really listened to my interests and sought to find a mentor who shared my values"
- 2017 Mentee

"I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity this program has provided. I've developed a very robust professional relationship with my mentor which I foresee will last for a long time. I've learned a lot from her, and the opportunity to get mentoring has seen direct impact in my own professional life - a talk I presented at an international conference ended up getting shortlisted for best presentation, and my mentor played a significant role in providing feedback and encouraging me to seek feedback from other faculty members. My mentor has also asked me to undertake casual research assistant work for her over the summer. This couldn't have happened without this program - so thank you!"
- 2016 Mentee

"Overall just want to thank the organiser and everyone involved or who contributed to the program; I found it so refreshing, challenging and rewarding in so many ways and am so grateful to have been involved. My mentor and I were such a wonderful match, compatible on so many levels in both a professional and personal capacity which meant that each meeting I had with her was inspiring and I learnt heaps every time! I was also grateful for the opportunity to meet other students and also trial my networking skills on the other mentors present at the orientation evening. A massive thank you for the opportunity, and also for the opportunity extended to the law students to meet QC Kristine Hanscombe which was so beyond my expectations of the program and also incredibly eye-opening and educational. Am so thrilled to have been involved and hope the program continues in later years so that other students might have the same opportunity."
- 2015 Mentee


"People often forget that mentoring is not just about mentees, but provides the mentors with a great opportunity to hone their leadership skills, network and share experiences with fellow mentors from diverse fields and backgrounds, and most importantly give back to the university (where it all started for all of us)."
- 2018 Mentor

"This program gives Monash alumni the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone's life, to steer them away from the mistakes you have made, and lead them to success. It provides the opportunity to interact and develop new bonds with the younger generation of people, who often have unique perspectives to share."
- 2018 Mentor

"The possibility that I was helping a future dr and giving back to a tradition of mentoring, from which I have strongly benefited as a mentee."
- 2017 Mentor

"The Sir John Monash Mentoring program is a truly remarkable initiative that provides learning experiences for both the mentor and the mentee… My involvement in the program has been truly rewarding. Meeting a diverse group of graduates each year, hearing about their background and experiences, bringing out the strategic and creative thinker in them, and ending the program with a sense of personal accomplishment and enrichment, have certainly been the standout memories of the whole experience for me. You can't help but feel humbled that you are able to assist in making a positive and lasting difference in a student's life."
- 2016 Mentor