The Monash approach to leadership

We understand that anyone can lead, and that leadership can be developed in all who seek it, which is why we provide a rich and diverse range of engaging leadership education opportunities to our students.

Inspired by Sir John Monash and the exceptional leaders in our faculties, student body and global alumni network, we value leadership as being:

  • socially responsible
  • values-based
  • collaborative
  • a process, not a position
  • inclusive and accessible to all people.

At Monash, the leadership-learning journey is characterised by choice, support, and exceptional leadership opportunities that prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Using the Social Change Model of leadership development we empower students to:

  1. Enhance their personal philosophy of leadership by developing their understanding of self and others
  2. Appreciate and accept their responsibilities to the community
  3. Develop leadership skills, knowledge and behaviours
  4. Distinguish themselves as capable and competent leaders that can create positive change.

Every student has their own unique passions and ambitions, so we offer an exciting range of leadership development opportunities that enable you to pursue yours. Whether you want to connect with like-minded students, volunteer in your community, converse with a former Australian of the Year, or learn leadership skills online – we have something for everyone.

As our students learn how to lead they are supported by program administrators, facilitators, peers, and the new friends they make at various retreats, events, and seminars. Within this vibrant leadership-learning community students are motivated to develop their existing talents, find new ones, and  to explore their beliefs and values. From here they cultivate the skills most associated with effective leadership, including ethical decision-making, communication, self-reliance, creativity, conflict resolution, team-building, and more.

Emerging as confident and competent leaders, students are encouraged to make positive social change at Monash and in the community; building a better world for self and others.