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Medical support

Where can I learn more about coronavirus?

The Victorian Department of Health has created a coronavirus webpage. There is also a hotline you can call for more information and advice: 1800 675 398

Someone I’ve been in contact with has been diagnosed with coronavirus. I’m worried that I might have it too. What medical support is available to me?

If you are concerned, and feel like you may have coronavirus, we recommend that you conduct a self-assessment, via the Victorian Department of Health website.

If you would like to speak to someone, you can call the Victorian Department of Health’s Coronavirus Hotline 24/7.

I’m not feeling well, I don’t think I have coronavirus, but I’m not sure. Who can I contact?

The University Health Service is now providing telehealth consultations with doctors. Appointments with a doctor can be booked online via the UHS Online appointment page, and selecting Telehealth Consult.

Telehealth is a key way of continuing to access medical care at this time. The University Health Services will continue to operate as an essential service; we want you to stay healthy, well and connected to our services.

If you would like to speak to someone specifically about how to identify the symptoms of coronavirus, you can call the Victorian Department of Health’s Coronavirus Hotline 24/7.

I have an ongoing medical condition, what medical support can I access?

Our medical clinics at Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula campuses are open from 9am to 5pm weekdays. You need to bring your:

  • Monash ID card
  • Medicare, OSHC, or Health Care Card

If you need to get in touch with a nurse, you can contact the Victorian Government's Nurse-on-call service. This service is available 24 hours a day.

Our doctors and counsellors are providing over-the-phone or video consultations. Find out how at here.

In case of emergency, you should always call 000.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, lonely, anxious and/or stressed. Who do I call for help?

We are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are here in Australia, or overseas. View our contact details.

We offer online counselling sessions via email. As social distancing is important at this time, online counselling is a great option for students who need someone to talk to. Learn more.

If you need immediate help or are in crisis, we recommend you seek assistance from the services listed below:

For international or interstate students

I am a student that's located interstate or in New Zealand? How do I access their health advice?

Health Departments in different states have compiled information regarding coronavirus:

I’m an international student in Melbourne, I don’t have a local doctor yet. Who can I talk to?

You can contact a home doctor service, by calling: 13 SICK or 13 7425. The booking lines are open from 6pm weekdays, 12 noon Saturday, all day Sunday and public holidays.

Read about coronavirus, in other languages via the Translated Resources page.

View Study Melbourne's coronavirus information for international students.

Stay Active and Healthy

What support can I access to help stay active during COVID-19?

Monash Sport have launched their Active Bodies Online initiative which includes LIVE fitness classes every weekday, Les Mills on Demand, wellbeing tips and at home workouts. This content is accessible and free for EVERYONE!

What resources are available to help cook healthy and nutritious meals?

Sonder Safety App

Sonder Safety App is available to all international students enrolled at Monash University and all MRS residents living on campus. This app can help with the delivery essential items such as bread, milk, butter, noodles and more.


It may be difficult at times to get all items you need at supermarkets but fresh produce is in good supply – you might just need to be creative with your meal ideas.  Enter the ingredients you do have available to you into the Supercook website, and a range of recipe options will be recommended.

Meal Kit Delivery Services:

Food Delivery Services:

General advice

How do I find out more about which hospitals are close to campus?

Here are a list of some hospitals in Melbourne:

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