Academic Progress Committee
The committee responsible for reviewing your academic progress and determining whether you can continue your enrolment at Monash. See members of the committee.
Course progression meeting
Meeting with your managing faculty so that they can provide you with advice on managing your academic progress.

At the meeting, your faculty may recommend that you do one or more of the following:
  • follow a course progression plan
  • reduce your enrolment load
  • seek support from University support services, such as professional medical or counselling services
  • seek assistance from an academic learning support service.
You can also discuss options for a course transfer or an alternative exit from your course.
Enrolment conditions
Conditions that may be applied, in the period following a review, to your unit(s) or course if your progress is assessed as unsatisfactory.

The conditions may:
  • limit the number of credit points you can enrol in for a specific teaching period or periods
  • specify or limit the type of units you can enrol in.
If conditions are applied to your enrolment, you must comply with them. The APC can take your compliance (or non-compliance) into consideration if you’re required to attend a hearing.
Managing faculty
The faculty responsible for coordinating administrative matters for a course (including, but not restricted to, admission, enrolment, course advice, academic progress and academic referral). For double degree courses, the managing faculty is specified in the Handbook.

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