At the hearing

You’ll sit at a table with the APC. The chair will introduce everyone, make sure you understand why you’re there, and ask if you have an objection to any of the panel members.

You’ll get to tell the committee about your circumstances and how they have affected your studies. The committee members are likely to have some questions for you so that they can gain a full understanding of your situation. All information is treated as confidential.

The APC will consider the following things when making its decision:

  • the information you provided in My Plan for Success and any supporting evidence (such as medical or psychological reports) you submitted
  • your unit results and academic progress to date
  • the likelihood that you’ll successfully complete your course within the maximum course duration
  • your responses to any previous academic progress processes (including your response to course progression advice and history of accessing relevant support services).

At the end of the hearing, you’ll be asked to wait outside while the committee makes its decision.

The hearing can be adjourned by the chair if further advice, information or assistance is needed to make a decision.

Discontinuing a course

Before the hearing starts, you’ll be given the opportunity to speak with your support person about whether you should discontinue your course or allow the APC to hear and determine the outcome.

At any time during the APC hearing, but before the APC members adjourn the hearing, you can choose to discontinue your course. The APC will adjourn for a short period before the end of the hearing to allow you to speak with your support person.

Members of the committee

An APC has between four and six members, including:

  • the chair of the committee
  • two to four staff members from managing faculty
  • a student nominated by the relevant student association.

The student member is nominated by the student associations. If your chosen student member can’t attend, you can choose whether the hearing can be held in their absence. You can also choose not to have a student member on the committee.

If you’re enrolled in a double degree, an APC in the managing faculty is responsible for reviewing your progress.

If you’re enrolled in both a bachelor’s degree and a diploma course at Monash, and there is more than one managing faculty, the APC of both managing faculties must discuss your academic progress before the APC hearing.

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